Women’s Fashion Takes the Environmental Route

Many people view the fashion world as something that is superficial and skin deep. However, even fashion can be used as a means to save the environment. Several crusades are now increasingly becoming popular that support the green movement, or the manufacture, use, and reuse of environmentally friendly materials or what is called the “eco friendly” products. The world of women’s fashion is even making a statement by campaigning for the use and purchase of eco friendly clothing.

The idea of eco friendly clothing has several aspects into it. Cotton is one of the most commonly used materials in the production of textiles and fabrics. When growing cotton, farmers have to use pesticides to protect the plant and improve the quality and production of the raw material. However, we know that the use of pesticides is harmful to the environment. Therefore, being eco friendly would mean to stop using these harmful chemicals in the production of cotton. Dyes are also chemicals that are being utilized by the textile industry to provide colors to the fabric. Because these are also considered to be harmful both to the environment and the workers who are applying them, the use of these dyes should also have to be done away with in the process of textile manufacturing.

Recycling is also another way to be environmentally consciences. Used clothing and fabrics, and even plastic bottles, can be reused and/or recycled to produce more clothes. This will significantly impact the waste disposal problem that the clothing industry incurs. Because clothing do not really decompose easily, when they are disposed, they serve to fill up dumpsters and garbage disposal areas and contribute to pollution and waste management crises. Therefore, the materials that are used to create the clothes should also be of high quality so that they will not easily get old and worn off and thus disposed of. Another aspect of being environmentally friendly in terms of the fashion industry is to ensure that the materials and textiles that are being used by the designers were manufactured by companies that provide fair trade. This means that the workers of these said companies and manufacturing plants must provide a decent and comfortable environment for their work force. The workers must also be adequately paid in proportion to the amount of work and services they have provided.

Some creators and designers of women’s fashion were at first adamant about the idea. They feared that the quality of the fabric created from such environmentally friendly methods may not be as good and that it may be hard to work on. However, upon seeing the finished materials, they realized that they are indeed very workable and are even of very high quality. At present, you can find fashion shows that feature environmentally safe lines of clothing; in the mall windows, there are displays specific for eco friendly fashion; and even accessories are now being created to follow this trend. Fashion has indeed never been so meaningful as this.